tisdag 17 juli 2012

I have moved !! 

you can find my new blog herehttp://elegyellem.tumblr.com/

follow my modelling, performing and inspiration , updated almost every day!

Elegy Ellem new BLOG

lördag 9 juni 2012

Hi guys!

I´ve been busy planning and shooting lately, as usual, I guess ;)

here´s from my shoot with Alexander , he´s a friend and awesome photographer. see his work here:

i hope you all follow my tumblr by now, for more updates? www.elegyellem.tumblr.com
and also my facebook, www.facebook.com/elegyellemmodel

much love! Xx elegy

söndag 13 maj 2012

Just got these awesome photos by Steve Prue of me wearing Antiseptic Fashion!
more can be found on Zivity, please go vote for us :)


torsdag 3 maj 2012

Sorry for not being good at updating this blog. I´m really much more on tumblr nowadays and update it pretty much daily. this blog I´m keeping to update modelstuff every now and then tho :)


pink latex dress by Pandora deluxe latex , photo by Ivana Christine , Las vegas
Mask by Pandora deluxe , collar by Bizarre design and gloves by All you need is gloves , photo Corwin Prescott, Philadelphia
Polaroids by Steve Prue, NYC , comodel Calamity Amelie
Gold dress by Westwardbound latex, photo Josefine Jonsson , sthlm

fredag 13 april 2012

photos from the shows I did last night, my improvised military striptease rockin Westwardbound latex to Rob Zombies Living dead girl XP
and then me and beautiful LaurenWK for blacklickorisk latex!
photos Greg Autry

If you guys feel like I don´t post often enough here it´s cus I usually post on my tumblr. I still keep this blog to have one only modelling/performance blog but if you´d like to read/see more, check out www.elegyellem.tumblr.com


onsdag 11 april 2012

America Baby!!

Hey guys! I am as of right now In america again. Can´t belive how long it´s been.
I´ve been in Vegas and am now in La.
on friday I go to Philly, and then new york!

I´ve done a bunch of aweeeesooome shoots allready and there´s lots more to come so..:) excited!

I hope you guys follow my fanpage cus I update there almost every day!

and I hope ur all having as much fun as me :)

These photos are by Marcos Rivera , and that beautiful corset is by Bizarre Design. <3

onsdag 7 mars 2012